What they're saying about the CTB

“Curt Towne is one of the best players to come out of Jacksonville in a long, long time.  The

Curt Towne Band is old school just like I am.  Rock and Roll at its best.  Here's to the Curt Towne Band.  Keep Rockin Brothers!” ­

- Johnny Van Zant, Lynyrd Skynyrd


“After listening to the Curt Towne Band I hear the old souls of Southern Rock pouring out of the young men’s hearts.  Southern Rock is still alive!” ­ -- Donnie Van Zant, 38 Special


“We’ve been waiting so many years for this caliber of a band to step up and take the reins for us Southern Rock and Blues fans.  I’m so excited for this band!  Every member is dedicated to the music and is a solid professional.  The writing is outstanding!” ­

- Leon JonJock, Blues Rock Review Magazine


“The music world certainly could use a band like The Curt Towne Band.  This is surely a one of a kind group!”  ­

- Rickey Medlocke, Lynyrd Skynyrd / Blackfoot


“Curt, your band ROCKED!!” ­  

- Stacy Michelle, Vocalist Kid Rock/ Meatloaf


“Amazing, wonderful magic southern spirit!  ‘Real’ Southern Rock that I love most!” ­ 

- Pawel Michaliszyn, Pleszew, Poland, Radio DJ


“Curt and his band should be playing the world’s largest stages.  Curt can play anything, I look forward to seeing them do just that.”

-­ Bobby Ingram, Lead Guitarist Molly Hatchet


“Curt Towne is one of the last true American Badasses on guitar!” ­

- Dave Hlubek, Lead Guitarist Molly Hatchet


"It’s been a long time coming….. The industry has been waiting for a group to grab the reins from the great SOUTHERN ROCK trailblazers like LYNYRD SKYNYRD, 38 SPECIAL… BLACKFOOT… the VANZANTS… MOLLY HATCHET … and carry the torch while setting the WORLD on its heels.  The CURT TOWNE BAND has done MORE than that….. They’ve brought back ROCK-n-ROLL to the MASSES….. And they’re winning over the upcoming generations.... QUICKLY.   These FLORIDA ROCKERS have proven that the next MUSICAL SUCCESS was gonna have to be a mixture….. That’s KEY!  They’ve taken ROCK, OUTLAW COUNTRY, GOSPEL … even a sprinkle of a little 80’s metal... spun it together…. and kissed it with the flavor of the SOUTH.

This band is quickly becoming a legend… I am thrilled to see the likes of The CURT

TOWNE BAND… we’ve been waiting for someone like them….”

- Dianna “Dirty D” Fryer - GM Pirate Radio Studios, INC. /RADIO MEMPHIS


“You know I've been to a lot of concerts and it takes big time bands to get me to spend my money to go see them in concert. But, if I ever see THE CURT TOWNE BAND on a marquee I'm going if I have to pick up cans to cash in for money to get tickets!


THE CURT TOWNE BAND has been rocking the charts on West Coast Radio with #1 hits like

"Long Live My Country" and "Whatcha Gonna Do".

Those two were also the most requested tunes at times and in general The Curt Towne Band is one of the most loved newest bands on West Coast Radio.


They're from Jacksonville Florida and folks they love them there!  Hopefully soon they'll tour the

U.S. and you'll get the chance to experience in person...the talent and music of THE CURT TOWNE BAND!” ­

- Reverend St John, Owner/GM West Coast Radio

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