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What they're saying about the CTB

“Curt Towne is one of the best players to come out of Jacksonville in a long, long time.  The

Curt Towne Band is old school just like I am.  Rock and Roll at its best.  Here's to the Curt Towne Band.  Keep Rockin Brothers!” ­

- Johnny Van Zant, Lynyrd Skynyrd


“After listening to the Curt Towne Band I hear the old souls of Southern Rock pouring out of the young men’s hearts.  Southern Rock is still alive!” ­

- Donnie Van Zant, 38 Special


“The music world certainly could use a band like The Curt Towne Band.  This is surely a one of a kind group!”  ­

- Rickey Medlocke, Lynyrd Skynyrd / Blackfoot


“Curt, your band ROCKED!!” ­  

- Stacy Michelle, Vocalist Kid Rock/ Meatloaf

“We’ve been waiting so many years for this caliber of a band to step up and take the reins for us Southern Rock and Blues fans.  I’m so excited for this band!  Every member is dedicated to the music and is a solid professional.  The writing is outstanding!” ­

- Leon JonJock, Blues Rock Review Magazine


“Amazing, wonderful magic southern spirit!  ‘Real’ Southern Rock that I love most!” ­ 

- Pawel Michaliszyn, Pleszew, Poland, Radio DJ


“Curt and his band should be playing the world’s largest stages.  Curt can play anything, I look forward to seeing them do just that.”

-­ Bobby Ingram, Lead Guitarist Molly Hatchet


“Curt Towne is one of the last true American Bad Asses on guitar!” ­

- Dave Hlubek, Lead Guitarist Molly Hatchet


"It’s been a long time coming….. The industry has been waiting for a group to grab the reins from the great SOUTHERN ROCK trailblazers like LYNYRD SKYNYRD, 38 SPECIAL… BLACKFOOT… the VANZANTS… MOLLY HATCHET … and carry the torch while setting the WORLD on its heels.  The CURT TOWNE BAND has done MORE than that….. They’ve brought back ROCK-n-ROLL to the MASSES….. And they’re winning over the upcoming generations.... QUICKLY.   These FLORIDA ROCKERS have proven that the next MUSICAL SUCCESS was gonna have to be a mixture….. That’s KEY!  They’ve taken ROCK, OUTLAW COUNTRY, GOSPEL … even a sprinkle of a little 80’s metal... spun it together…. and kissed it with the flavor of the SOUTH.

This band is quickly becoming a legend… I am thrilled to see the likes of The CURT

TOWNE BAND… we’ve been waiting for someone like them….”

- Dianna “Dirty D” Fryer - GM Pirate Radio Studios, INC. /RADIO MEMPHIS



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